My beloved passed on Saturday, November 5, almost immediately after hearing his daughters sing Happy Birthday to him over the phone.  He had been in inpatient Hospice care for 10 days and had been unresponsive for several days, but we assumed that he could hear us.  His actual birthday was yesterday, the 7th, but we were hoping to encourage him to let go a little early; he had suffered enough.

I will miss him forever, I fear.  And, I will continue the work that we began together; loving the world and helping people to develop absolute self-love, the kind of self-love that leads us to define who we are and what the events in our lives mean, rather than letting those events define us.  No one did that better than Doug.  
As I sit next to Doug in his room at Benefis Peace Hospice, knowing that his body will die soon, I feel overwhelming gratitude for the support, encouragement and positive feedback we've received through my Facebook posts and our blog posts.  (I'll create a separate web page to share those FB posts, for those who may have just found us.)

During the past year Doug and I developed a grand vision of writing, speaking and teaching together all over the world after he healed from penile cancer.  When we realized that healing wasn't going to happen, we decided to share very openly about what we were going through, and every time I read a comment from someone who benefited from our journey, Doug felt so happy.  In fact he cried a few days ago when I told him he was teaching exactly what he'd always wanted - that everyone is worthy of self-love and the events in our lives don't get to define us, we get to define ourselves.  

I know that I'll learn and write much more about that as time goes on.  For now, I look forward to seeing our community of Dougiephiles (those who love Doug :)) grow as you share your own reflections on this page.  Thank you for loving us along the way, for lifting my wounded spirit as I heal from this monumental loss, and for "putting self-love in it." ~Annie