As I think about the next segment of our penile cancer story, I’m struck by the fact that the last two posts occurred within the same day, and that was in October of last year! And we’re still in the thick of it.

“My husband is in our car outside. He’s bleeding and I need a wheel chair.”  To the registration staff my voice may have sounded clear and calm, but inside I was screaming, Somebody do something, now!

The young woman at the registration desk quickly handed me a piece of paper and said, “Sign this.  We’ve already filled it out for you so you can bring your husband right in.  There’s a wheel chair right behind you.  Do you need help?”  Thank God for Benefis Health System, I thought.  I had called them not more than 10 minutes before arriving in their emergency department, and here they were, jam packed with patients and also ready for us.

After the initial shock and fear had waned, Doug and I decided to expect the best and focus our attention on practical things, things we could control, like asking his parents to watch Kára, our mini-pinscher, and rearranging work schedules for Friday’s biopsy.